• Factory: Organize Sanayi Bolgesi, 5. Cadde, No:13, Karaman/Turkiye

Cake Preparation Units



This machine capacity is 350 kg. Mixer body’s thickness is 4 mm and from AISI 304 quality. Mixer body have fixed anchor. Moving mixer anchor is working with speed control device. Motor power is 7,5 kW and Yılmaz redüktör brand. Mixer has two covers, 1st Cover for safety 2nd Cover is normal cover. Mixer dough exit part’s diameter is 125mm. This machine have a control panel.



To easily evacuate the cake pans and to avoid the cake stic- king the pans need to be oiled. In this unit which is the first phase of cake production process a proper and well distributed oil spray into the cake holes is absolutely essential. Meantime, in order not to see any extra oil consumption and burning, oil overflow out of the holes need to be avoided as well.
• The pan should be chosen according to the pan installation for an efficient oiling
• Air and oil rates can be set accordingly
• Spray is done following a warning from the sensor at each hole by being mixed with the air
• A stainless CrNi steel heated oil pan is also available
• The oil flow rate can be separately or together set in the system
• The oiling system is taken into a cabin
• The recycling of whirled oil is made by the steam absorption system and the particle filter
• The oiling system is not fixed on on the conveyor unit,instead it is individually manufactured onto a separate chassis



This is the unit serving to fill the cake pans with doughs at required weights. The weight precision is checked with 2 servo axles. Different chambers can be inserted for a mosaic threaded cake dough fill.
• The dough is pumped with reciprocating pumps whose number is defined In accordance with the cake types needed,
• The depositor is manufactured with three parts which can be as- sembled and chromium material
• Contact surfaces with the product and the body are made of CrNi; the depositor body is made of polyethylene
• The Chassis components are manufactured of AISI304 type chromium.



• 1,2x60mt oven Baking lenght. • Wire Mesh Belt. • Electrical power supply: 380 V 50 Hz • Auxiliary voltage: 24 V. • Control side: left or right • Heating system: indirect • Useful baking length 60 meters • Oven belt 1,22m • Useful baking width 1,18meters • Input table length 2 meters est. • Output table length 4,7 meters est. • Total oven length 51,7 meters est • Natural Gas • Number of zones: 4 • Baking time Minimum 2,5 - 7 minutes • Electronic speed control. • Belt tracking device. • Type Wiremesh " .." • Weight per sq. meter .. Kg • Drive cylinder diameter 900 mm • Tension cylinder diameter 900 mm • Belt drive: AC Motor with reducer • Transmission: Chain • Emergency drive: Chain • Automatic firing system. • PID heat control system. Digital temperature control. (Zone and fire room) • Chimneys and moisture exhaust are adjustable • Baking room max 350°C. Fire room Max 500°C • Cleaning device for wire-mesh • Synchronized with speed of existing dough machines. • Total oven capacity 350.000x4=1400.000 kCal. • Out side plank will be oven Stainles Steel (CrNi 430). • All manual heat adjutsment will be have set positions. • Electrical material will be Omron or equilevant • One observation window. • Special Stone Wool used for Heat insulation • Special High Heat Fiber Blankets are used for Burning room insulation • There is an Free section along the Tunnel Oven for easy cleaning to ensure hygenie.



These are the conveyor where the cakes coming out of the oven are cooled. They can contain some 90 degrees and 180 degrees turning components. It can be carried from the ceiling when needed. Some criteria like the product flow
rate, the packaging or coating temperature, the production am- bient temperature have an impact on its length. The cake requires approximately 30 minutes for cooling down depending on the type of product.
• The upper sheet structure of the cooling conveyor is of AISI 304 type stainless steel. The overall chassis and engine, blade connection equipment are all coated with galvanize and electrostatic paint. The conveyor belts can also be made of chromium
• The belts used are polyurethane and conform to food sanitary regulations
• The belt drums are rubber coated of 10mm.
• To avoid slippage belts are controlled through sensors and pistons linked to the auto- mation system.



Stock belt systems; These are the systems which prevent pro- duct overflow in packaging lines. It is a belt system which can only move forward-backward.

General Characteristics
• At every performance change of the packaging machine products are stocked and thus overflow is prevented.
• When the production is on hold the product on the belt can be auto- matically or manually fed back according to the customer requirement



It is a modular structure designed for the automatic distributi- on of chocolate bars, cakes, wafers, biscuits and other similar products coming in rows from the production line.
• Product Types: Chocolate bars, layer cakes, wafers, biscuits and other similar products either enrobed or not.
•Standard Conveyor Widths: 800, 1000, 1200, 1500 mm
• Group Aligning Unit: pneumatic or servo driven barrier
•Row Distribution Unit: Conveyor with Lower outlet and hinge
•Outlet Conveyor: Outlet mobile conveyor with wheels for easier maintenance and cleaning
• Intermediate stoppage belt to set the product flow.
General Characteristics
•Easier and faster maintenance and cleaning
• Polyurethane belt material conforming to food sanitary regulations
•Single type belt drums to reduce different part numbers
•All components in contact with the product are made of stainless steel AISI 304
•Safety Windows to get Access to any point in the production flow zone
•At each belt cross section stainless steel pans



This is the unit that carries out with the washing and drying of the pans from which the cakes are extracted.
• The pan washing machine is of horizontal type
• The chains used in the washing and the drying system are stainless CrNi chains
• All chassis, bodies and supports, slides and fittings are made of Cr-Ni 304 type stainless material
• Bearings in the washing unit are stainless
• The chain carrying the pans is stainless and of narrow type
• To prevent mildew and fungus formation a water of 50-60°C temperature is used. The heat required for this system is provided through steam.
• There are 2 blowers used to expel the steam in the machine installed on the washing and drying system. A chimney system can also be added to expel steam from this environment
• The water circulation is carried out with 2 pump units of 11 kW power. The required water for the system needs to be treated
• The washing system regardless of changes of pan shapes enhances a homogeneous and stabile washing
• The pans while in the drying unit are dried with 6 chromium blowers of high volume from top and down
• The washing and drying machine is completely different from a conventional plant structure and therefore does not need mechanical turning units before wash and after dry. In this working method any deformation on the pan coatings is also avoided.