• Factory: Organize Sanayi Bolgesi, 5. Cadde, No:13, Karaman/Turkiye

Granola Bar Production Units



The machine is used for homogenous mixing of the product in the solid molding machine. The product from the stock tank is mixed with coconut for a period of time. After the product mixing process is finished, the product is transferred to the molding machine.

The solid mixer hopper is made of stainless material in accordance with the food. The hopper is tilted to discharge the product by means of the hydraulic system. Hydraulic system will be supplied ready mounted on the machine. The double-diameter mixer is driven by a single motor. The anchors transfer the movement of each other through the module gears.



It is the band used to deliver the product prepared in the mixer to the cylinders. Polyurethane band suitable for food is used. There is a drive motor which gives movement to the band and a tensioning system for tensioning the band.



After the product is laid on the cooling band, it is crushed under a certain pressure in the forming rollers in order to tighten the structure and make it tidy. The forming roller works depending on the speed of the product.

Cylinder bearings are provided by two cylinders. There is a mechanism to adjust the height of the cylinder for printing on the product. The cylinder takes the movement from the motor via the sprocket.

The cold water from the group of freckles enters the inside of the cylinder.



Double forming rollers are used in the mixer in order to be able to shape the product to the desired density and homogeneous structure. The product to the cylinders has a certain temperature. The temperature of the product is reduced by the cold water coming from the chillers and entering into the cylinders.

Oil reservoirs are available to lubricate the surface of the rollers. The large cylinder is fixed and the small cylinder is movable to adjust the thickness. Each cylinder has a stainless steel scraper blade.

The surface of the cylinders is hard chrome plated. It is produced from stainless steel materials in accordance with the food on chassis and other evenings.

the top of the cylinders there is a product container of soft material. The product is laid on the cooling tunnel band by adjusting the thickness between the cylinders.

Both of the cylinders are driven by two different motors. There are two roller rotational speeds for setting the product as desired.



It is designed to carry the product to be placed underneath the cylinders and to be spread. The band material is suitable for food and the band width will be 400mm.



It is a machine made of stainless materials with polyurethane band used to reduce the temperature of the product it receives to the desired values within the cooling tunnel. Band is the desired width of 1.2 mm thick polyurethane tape suitable for food. The length of the tunnel may vary depending on the capacity and the product. The inner and outer part of the tunnel shall be made of stainless steel material.Tunnel is PLC controlled and all controls are made from touch screen on chocolate coating machine. There is an automatic band stretching system that extends the band life. Band motor with speed controller.The bottom of the tunnel is water cooled. There is an automatic band guiding system that prevents the band to move right and left at the entrance and exit of the tunnel. Tunnel bottom rollers shall be made of pvc material.Tunnel closed system is air cooled. With the help of the flaps in the doors, the cold air can be directed directly on the product.Thanks to the air circulation, the products in the cooling tunnel are cooled in the most suitable way and reduced to the desired temperature for packaging.



A slicer is required to slice the lowered nougat from the cooling tunnel to the desired dimensions. With this slicing, the width of the product is determined.

The diameter of the blades is 250 mm. There are soft material scrapers and a lubricating unit to scrape each knife.

The scraped belt is available to easily remove the discarded product. The blade group is designed to change easily when the product dimensions change.

The above image shows the flow chart of the slicing unit product.



The separating table is used to open the separated product in the slicing machine. The band of each product is separate. The upper table is designed to be easily replaced when the product dimensions change.

The product line is made of polyurethane material suitable for food. Separation table is made entirely of stainless chrome material.

Separation table entrance and exit sizes can be adjusted to the desired size. The output of the sliced product width is designed to be compatible with the width of the chocolate coating machine.

The above image shows the flow chart of the seperation table product.



A guillotine cutting machine is used to cut the length of the sliced product in the slicing machine. The length of the product determined on the slicer is determined on this machine.

Guillotine cutting is done in servo motor control. The length of the product can be precisely adjusted to the desired dimensions.

There are two band groups at the entrance and exit of the guillotine cutting machine. These bands are produced from polyurethane material and their tension and flow is automatically supplied with pneumatic system.

Guillotine cutting knife is specially manufactured. The cutting blade has a roller driven by a different motor. The drives of the belts are also made by separate motors.